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Ad Clerum - Easter 2012

1st Apr 2012

Dear Brothers in Christ


Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!


I’ve finally moved to St Albans and I think the long wait has been worth it. Now that the packing cases have largely gone the house is already beginning to feel more like home. It is certainly in a good position for transport links and I am finding it much easier to get out and about than from North Norfolk! Also I hope that the house can and will be seen as a resource for us all. Set as it is just below the cathedral, it has several parking spaces, and it is only a twenty minute walk from the station. Let’s hope Parkside House and garden will be well used by Richborough folk for many years to come.


I have now been in each of the twelve dioceses that make up the See and visited a fair number of parishes and I am beginning to get a sense of how places and people fit together. Geography was never my strongest subject at school and it has been something of a fairly steep learning curve so far but I am getting there. Thank you for your welcome and support and for your confirmation candidates. Keep them coming!


The Society has now been launched in several dioceses, numbers of those joining is steadily growing and once the July Synod has met we will be able to see more clearly how best it will serve our needs. The bishops of our constituency are continuing to meet on a regular basis and together with the Catholic Societies doing a lot of work to help us through the next few critical months. Once the House of Bishops meets in May we will have a far clearer idea of what the amended measure might look like and how we should respond to it.


For this September I have booked the diocesan retreat house at Les Tourelles in Condette for a return visit. The dates are Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th which includes single rooms and full board at the remarkably reasonable price of £200. I’m calling it a conference rather than retreat so some of you might be eligible for CME grants. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are interested. Once I know who will be coming I can begin transport arrangements etc.


I have also booked accommodation at the Shrine in Walsingham from Sunday evening 7 October till Tuesday afternoon for a short conference for those in their first three years of ministry after ordination. This is a response to several conversations I have had with both training incumbents and curates about the need for some help in traditional ministerial formation. Please let me know of anyone you think might be interested.


It was good to see so many of you at the Chrism Masses last week and for the opportunity to renew our Ordination Vows together. Thank you for all your support encouragement and especially for your prayers at this complex and crucial time.


With every blessing


+ Norman




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